RV, DTap, Hib, PVC, IPV, MMR. Does your back-to-school list include any of these? Donít forget to check off vaccines for your child, teen or young adult. In addition to the schedule of vaccines required for school, three more are recommended by the CDC this year for various ages: Meningococcal (MCV4), HPV vaccine and the flu vaccine. Check easy-to-read immunization charts here.


From fireworks to ice cream

we celebrate freedom and summer this month by interviewing citizens on what freedom means to them. We also did an informal survey on favorite ice cream in the 'Ta ó and there's plenty to choose from. The Wingnuts are getting creative over at Lawrence-Dumont stadium, bringing in concerts, corporate events and motocross events, and institutions of higher learning are finding more and more ways for high school students to earn college credit.

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