When Lindsey Stirling twirls and leaps across the stage, it’s as though she’s levitating on the strength of her swift, violin-bowing arm. Perhaps the only violinist in the world with backup dancers, the genre-shattering pixie brings her high-energy fusion of electronica and classical violin to Intrust Bank Arena on Nov. 29 as part of her 2018 Wanderland Tour. Go to Select-A-Seat for tickets.


“Don’t lose faith,”

says Coach Gregg Marshall as he trains the youngest team he’s ever coached, including seven freshmen. Meet the new-look Shockers and get an inside look into their practices. Also, three of our fellow citizens share their unique reasons for being thankful this holiday season, and a new book, “Wicked Wichita” contains colorful characters from the city’s wild west days — from saloon owners and soiled doves to cowboys and con men.

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